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4 ways to keep yourself updated with CR activities and issues arising

1) The most comprehensive way - this newsletter! You receive one email each week on the most important and relevant updates, so please do not unsubscribe. Thanks!

2) The quickest way - CR calendar. Find out what is happening, when, and where, supplied with a short description and contact details. It only takes minutes to subscribe. Here's how.

1. Copy this link


2. Choose your favourite calendar service provider and follow the instruction. When told to paste a link, use the link provided above:

3) The social way - Eddie's People Facebook group. Drop in for a chat, a rant, or some laundry memes. It's never boring.

4) The most impactful way - Talk with a CR officer about your problems or ideas. We are here to help out. If you don't know who to contact, send a quick email to your CR secretary to find out.


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