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CR Art contest.... the winners are....?!!

Now the big moment of the CR Art contest is finally here!!

Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups. We will soon decorate our CR with artworks and photographs from this competition! Many thanks to Gordon Chesterman and the Works of Art Committee for their generous financial support.

In case you missed it, here are the links to the artwork and photography galleries.


Photography winners

Master's Favourite: P22 | Green door by Tai Yang

Most Creative: P05 | Pac-Man microcapsule by Benyi Cao

People's Choice: P18 | Chugging Along Up Snowdon by Menandro (Andre) Cruz

Photography runner-ups

Master's Favourite: P02 | On the Brink by Srimati Ghosal

Most Creative: P04 | By revelation and reason by Katherine Dixon

People's Choice: P15 | Outdoors by Levente Koroes


Artwork winners

Master's Favourite: A35 | Bird's eye by Ming Kang ONG

Most Creative: A15 | Coffee Drawing: St Edmund’s College Chapel by Xin Li

People's Choice: A11 | A Sunday Afternoon at Eddies by Raghav Rayasam

Artwork Runner-ups

Master's Favourite: A09 | Bicycle at St. Edward's Church Elliot Elliott

Most Creative: A36 | Thinking Space by M.B. Butler

People's Choice: A15 | Coffee Drawing: St Edmund’s College Chapel by Xin Li

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