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St Edmund's CR Art Contest - Christmas Card

The St Edmund's College Art Contest 2021 - Christmas Card Edition is open to staff, students, alumni, fellows, post-docs, and offer-holders of St Edmund’s College. Participants may submit any form of art they wish. Each individual may only submit 3 pieces of artwork. Submissions can have a link (whether abstract or literal) to the College or can be any other subject matter. Submissions will be judged by a panel that will determine the winners in the contest's categories.

The Christmas Card Award, worth £100 is awarded on the discretion of the judging panel

Along with cash prizes, there will be the opportunity for the artwork to be hung at St Edmund's. All artists will have to fill up a Terms & Conditions form for their submission to be accepted.

Submission and Anonymity

The artist is highly encouraged to write a brief for the submitted artwork. The submission of each artwork can be made anonymous or non-anonymous:

• Fully anonymous: The name of the artist will not be displayed. Only the organizer would know the name of the artist for logistics issues.

• Non-anonymous: The name of the artist will be displayed.

Submit your entry here:

Art Contest 2021 Terms and Conditions

  • The organisers of the Art Contest 2021 have complete discretion to choose whether to hang submitted artwork

  • The organisers of the Art Contest 2021 have complete discretion to choose the winners of the prize categories

  • The organisers of the Art Contest 2021 will accept no liability for damage, however caused, to submitted artwork

  • Submitted artwork shall be returned after the completion of the Art Contest 2021 exhibits

  • Three (3) submissions shall be permitted per person

These terms and conditions outline the agreement between St Edmund’s College, Cambridge (the College) and any person submitting an entry for the Art Contest 2021 in the Category: Christmas Card (the Entrant). By submitting an entry (submission) in this category, you (the Entrant) fully accept these terms and conditions in addition to the general terms and conditions of the Art Competition.

  • An Entrant may make an additional submission if they make a submission in the category of Christmas Card, so that the total number of submissions they may make is four (4), providing that at least one of these is in this category.

  • Entrants may make multiple submissions to the Christmas Card category.

  • One prize of £100 will be awarded to an Entrant at the discretion of the College or a member of the Fellowship or staff acting on the behalf of the College. The College reserves the right not to award a prize or declare a winner.

  • The Entrant accepts that any submission may be used, at the discretion of the College, as a Christmas card or other Greetings card, copies of which will be produced in print and digital media, and which may be available to members of College staff and the Fellowship for their personal or business use.

  • The Entrant grants the College the right to use and to reproduce and alter or change their submission in perpetuity, providing that this use is strictly in relation to the College and that the Entrant is credited as the Artist wherever the submission is used. This applies across all digital and print media.

  • The Entrant grants the College permission to sell copies of the submission in the form of Christmas Cards (or Greetings Cards) only at a rate that will cover the cost of printing physical copies and administration of any production process or sales. The Entrant waives the right to any income from the sale of cards produced by the College using their submission.

  • The College accepts no responsibility for the content of personal messages written in cards it produces or any reputational or other damage or harm they might cause.

  • The College retains the right to produce or use alternative Christmas or Greetings card designs in addition to, or in stead of, the submission.

  • The Entrant agrees to provide the College with copies of their submission(s) in a digital format upon request, provided that this request is made within one year of the date of the submission.

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