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The CR, or Combination Room, is both the student body and the place in College where we gather. As a group of people, it is your primary community during your time at Cambridge. As a place, it provides an opportunity to relax, read the paper, watch TV, play pool or grab a drink from the College Bar. During the day, Eddie’s people often stop by for tea or coffee and in the evening to catch up with friends after workshops, supervisions, or lab. Think of it as the living room of the College!


At Eddie’s we have three spaces that serve as College common areas: the Combination Room in Norfolk (the primary CR space where the Bar is found), the CR Annexe, and Mount Pleasant Halls CR.

Twice a term, on Sunday afternoons, we gather in the CR over tea and snacks to discuss college issues at the CR General Meeting. If you want to get involved, whether to represent students to the College, plan events, or manage student spaces, there are a variety of CR Officer positions, some of which are elected in October and others in February. We are governed by the CR Constitution, which was updated in 2018.

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