Students at Eddie's have exclusive access to a variety of facilities. These are regularly maintained by college staff and students, and paid for by your CR dues. 



Music Room




 The Bar

Conveniently located right by the CR in the Norfolk building, the bar is at the heart of the College community.

Eddie’s Bar reflects the open, friendly, and international nature of St Edmund’s College. One of the last college bars in Cambridge that is entirely student-managed and student-run, Eddie’s Bar offers great quality and amazing variety for low prices. The bar is a hot-spot to hang out and relax, socialize, and meet fellow members of Eddie’s, to have a drink after a stressful Cambridge day.

During term time, the Bar Staff try to open the bar  most evenings. (Note: All bar staff are volunteers, and so their availability depends on their studies and other obligations.)

Sunday - Thursday: 7:30pm to 11:30pm

Friday - Saturday: 7:30pm to 12:30am

[COVID-19 NOTE: This may vary based on current regulations.]


When there are BOPs (student parties) or other events, the Bar is usually granted a 1-hour extension beyond the scheduled time.



The gym includes:

  • Air Conditioning

  • Fitted stereo with iPod dock

  • One treadmill

  • Two rowing machines

  • Cage/squat rack

  • Bench press

  • A variety of bars and weights

  • Large selection of dumbbells

  • Exercise mats

  • Exercise balls

Gym rules:

  1. Do not give anyone else access to use the gym with your card.

  2. The gym door should be closed when training and the air conditioning should be switched on.

  3. Weights should be removed from bars at the end of training and returned to the rack.

  4. Dumbbells should be put back on the rack in the correct location.

  5. Any damage must be reported immediately.

  6. You are using the gym of your own free will and as such, College and the CR takes no liability for any injuries sustained or damage caused.

The gym is open to all college members who have signed the Gym Awareness Form and have had their student card activated.

[COVID-19 NOTE: This may vary based on current regulations.]


Music Room

We have our very own college band!

The college music room is located in the basement of the library building and offers a wide range of instruments for use by CR members.

To gain access to the room, please complete the form below and return it to the Bursar’s Assistant.

Once you have registered your CamCard, the music room can booked at: https://booking.st-edmunds.cam.ac.uk/schedule.php?sid=2

(Longin is now Raven via Google)



St Edmund’s College has two Libraries: the Main Library (in the Library Building) and the Norfolk Library, on the second floor in the Norfolk Building.

Main Library

The library building is a study and resource space for St Edmund’s students. The first floor houses books and reference material on open shelves, and the second floor provides a comfortable study area equipped with computers and power points for laptops. The first floor also includes two smaller private study rooms, which can be booked via the Tutorial Office.

The acquisitions policy is to add useful works of reference to the collection of books, which have been given or bought over the years, and, where possible, to provide core textbooks where students indicate a need. The library holdings are listed in the Union Catalogue of Libraries in the University, which can be accessed online from the library or your own computer at www.lib.cam.ac.uk .

iDiscover is the main website for searching holdings for all books and digital media in Cambridge, www.idiscover.lib.cam.ac.uk

Norfolk Library

In addition to the Main Library, which primarily houses academic resources, the Norfolk Library provides additional study spaces and computers on the 2nd floor of the Norfolk Building.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the library, please contact the College Librarian Ms Susanne Jennings (scj22@st-edmunds.cam.ac.uk).

We are always happy to consider adding new books to our collection that are related to your studies here at College.

Please fill in the online form below and we’ll be in touch when we have assessed your request.


If Eddie's doesn’t have the book you need on our shelves, there are a number of options for students to get the resources they need:

  • Fill in an online request form for Eddie’s to buy the book. Your request will be assessed and if deemed a suitable addition to the library, the book should be available within two (2) weeks for you to borrow.

  • If the book in question is specialised, the Cambridge Library system will reflect if the book is available somewhere else through the University.

  • If it is in the University Library (UL) you should be able to access it without difficulty.

  • If it is in another College/Department, you must contact that College directly and ask if you can access it.

  • If the book is not within the system or it’s a journal, please fill in an Inter Library Loan form from the UL.  They will then source it from a non-Cambridge library.  There is a charge for this service

  • You can also visit the British Library in London.  It is a 5-minute walk from Kings Cross Station where Cambridge trains terminate.  

LibatCam photos – this group has put up some lovely new pictures of the library.

Punting at Eddie's

The CR has three punts – Edmund of Abingdon, Richard Laws, and Grace Lake. They are moored in St John’s College and are available for use by student members of the College in spring and summer months. The maintenance and running costs of the punts comes directly from the CR fee.

Punting forms a very important part of the Cambridge experience. The scenic views of Cambridge and its colleges along the river are ones you won't get unless you're in a punt ! You can learn how to do it yourself (it's incredibly easy), or you can take guided tours organised by students. 

Punts can be reserved up to seven (7) days in advance, for up to four (4) hours per day. Each person is only permitted to make one reservation per day. The punts are available from 8am-8pm.

Please note that from the dates of Monday 12th October 2020 through to Sunday 21st March 2021 the punts are off the river and in storage for Winter.

Read more about hiring the punts before going out into the water here.


Due to the Covid situation, the punt is not available. This may vary based on current regulations.


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