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What To Expect

Starting a degree at Cambridge is an exhilarating yet disorienting experience. You are thrust into a department or faculty of highly motivated students like yourself but also a college with hundreds of students from across the world. If you’ve never lived in the United Kingdom before, you have to get used to all sorts of idiosyncracies like the British obsession for queuing, looking right when you cross the road instead of left, and that particular British specialty: understatement.


It can be a bit much all at once.


To help ease the transition, the CR has prepared a Freshers’ Guide, which is a one-stop information shop for everything you need to know as you begin this adventure. In this section of the CR website, we highlight some of the key things you need to know. If you have a specific question, you can also check out the FAQ. If none of those resources answers your question, always feel free to email one of the CR Officers.

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