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In the Neighbourhood

Eddie’s is located ‘on Castle Hill’ in an area at a slightly higher elevation than central Cambridge, which makes it one of the ‘hill colleges’. The roads and streets around us have elegant names, like ‘Mount Pleasant’ and ‘Honey Hill’. Elegant until you realise that this area of Cambridge used to be full of brothels...


Nevertheless, we know it is important for you to get to know your surroundings!


To the rear of St Edmund’s (past the orchard), we have Murray Edwards College, a women's only college specialising in art (check out their dome – it’s super cool). If you continue past Murray Edwards, you will arrive at Fitzwilliam College, and a few minutes south of Fitzwilliam is Churchill College. On the other side of Eddie's from Murray Edwards, you will find our neighbour college, Lucy Cavendish College. These are the ‘hill colleges’. You will definitely make friends with students from these colleges.

North of St Edmund's you will find Castle Street, one of the most important thoroughfares during your time here. It has pubs such as The Architect and Isaac Newton, as well as Stars Barbers, an affordable and friendly Turkish barber. It also has a range of restaurants, the Museum of Cambridge, and Kettle's Yard, a unique museum-gallery-coffee shop owned by the University of Cambridge. If you continue down Castle Street you will pass Magdalene College, cross the Cam and arrive in central Cambridge.


If, instead, you turn northwest onto Histon Street where Castle Street becomes Huntingdon Road, you will arrive at Midan, the shop closest to Eddie's with plenty of Asian, Middle Eastern, and African foods. Further north on Histon, you will find Aldi, the cheapest grocery store in Cambridge.

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