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  • How do I connect to the internet?
    The eduroam network is how you will connect to the internet here in the college, in your department, and in other universities across the country. For instructions on how to connect to eduroam, see the IT page here.
  • What do I do if something is broken in my room?
    For anything from a dead lightbulb to broken blinds to pests, you can file a maintenance request with the college using this form.
  • How do I get into the gym?
    Fill out the Gym Awareness form to get access to the gym. The gym is in the library building, bottom floor. [COVID-19 NOTE: The gym is currently closed.]
  • How do I gain access to the Music Room?
    A wide variety of musical instruments are available in the Music Room, in addition to the pianos available in the CR and Garden Room. To gain access to the Music Room, fill out the form on the college website and submit it to the Facilities Manager. Then you can book a slot to practice in the room. [COVID-19 NOTE: Only one person is allowed in the Music Room at a time. Please sanitise before and after using the musical instruments.]
  • When will my room be cleaned?
    In term time, rooms are currently cleaned every three weeks. A cleaning rota is available on the St Edmund’s intranet. [COVID-19 NOTE: Cleaning may be reduced due to current regulations.]
  • What do I do if I lock myself out of my room?
    Go to Reception and they will issue you a temporary card.
  • Do I need to get a bike?
    A bike is a nifty way to get around in Cambridge - and most students do have bikes. The college has its own secure bike sheds, including a large indoor bike shed in Mount Pleasant Halls for students living in MPH. Please be aware that bike theft in Cambridge is rife in some areas, so you are strongly advised to invest in a good bike lock! There are fairs in Michaelmas term that usually contain stalls of shops that sell bikes, especially the society fair (where you sign up for all the different Cambridge societies).
  • When will the bar be open? (asking for a friend)
    Unlike many college bars, the Eddie’s Bar is student-run. All bartenders are volunteers. Depending on their studies and other obligations, they will try to open the bar most nights. There will usually be a post on the Facebook group when a bartender opens it up. The hours that the Bar is legally allowed to be open are the following: 7 days a week, 7:30pm to 11:30pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 7:30pm to 12:30am (Friday and Saturday). However, the Bar may not be open for all of these hours, depending on the availability of our volunteer bar staff. Eddie’s Bar re-opened on the 31st July following lots of changes to make it COVID-19 secure. Please ensure to follow all social distancing measures in place so that we can keep the Bar open.
  • What kind of support is available for me if I have a disability?
    Cambridge University has a lot of support available for students with disabilities, namely, the Disability Resource Centre (DRC). They will be able to help you with exam adjustments, study needs, and more. If you have any extra queries, you can also talk to your tutor directly.
  • Where do I go to the doctor?
    During Freshers’ Week, the CR arranges with the College Nurse for all students to sign up with the Huntington Road Surgery. Depending on the country you come from, you may need to pay to access the NHS. [COVID-19 NOTE: all initial appointments are online currently.]
  • Where’s the best place to get groceries?
    Aldi is the cheapest grocery store, which is a ten minute walk from Eddie's. Sainsbury’s is also a ten minute walk directly into the town centre. Luckily, we have a smaller shop very close to Eddie's: Midan Foods. It has all the essentials, and many spices and ingredients that are hard to find anywhere else. It’s also a lifeline for smokers!
  • What is a formal dinner?
    A Formal Dinner, or Formal Hall, is a typical Cambridge fixture; all colleges have them. Luckily, at Eddie's we have excellent formals, which means you sometimes will need to book well in advance. The link to book formals is found here. You must wear your gown, be formally dressed, and ready for a night of revelry. Formal dinners happen every Tuesday and Friday, beginning with a drinks reception in the Garden Room, and moving to Hall for the meal. Afterwards, we congregate in the CR for drinks and conversation. [COVID-19 NOTE: Until national restrictions regarding large gatherings relax, there will be no formal dinners.]
  • I am having a conflict with another student. What can I do?
    If talking with the other person is impossible or has not worked out, please speak with your Tutor or the Dean. In cases of sexual misconduct, harassment, bullying, or other serious offenses, you can file an official complaint against the other student.
  • What is the difference between college and university sports?
    College sports teams are more informal than the university, requiring less training. College sports are a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students and have fun. Also, college teams compete against other Cambridge colleges in ‘cuppers’, whereas the university team competes with other universities.
  • Are there non-Eddie's students living at St Edmund’s?
    Yes. In Mount Pleasant Halls and in Brian Heap, in particular, but in other buildings as well, there are students from other colleges. The MPH CR is open to non-Eddie's students living in MPH, but students from other colleges are only allowed in the Norfolk CR if accompanied by an Eddie’s student. The Dining Hall is also available to non-Eddie's students.
  • Who are the key contacts in college?
    Note the email addresses for tutorial, accommodation, and reception on this list of key college contacts. As an undergraduate, your Director of Studies is your key port of call for academic issues. Every student is assigned a Tutor, who is available for non-academic issues. The Dean can additionally provide pastoral support and a listening ear.
  • What is a BOP?
    Although it refers to a student-organised party, like many things in Cambridge, no one truly knows its mysterious origins. Many say it means “Big Open Party” (although sometimes they close because they reach their max). Perhaps it means “Big Ol’ Party”. Others say “Big Organised Party”. Once or twice a term, most colleges throw a BOP where the Combination Room becomes a disco for a night and students have a lot of fun.
  • Where do I do laundry?
    There are two laundry rooms in St Edmund’s, both run by a company called Circuit. You will need to download the app or use a £2 coin to collect a card in the MPH laundy room, which can be recharged online. The small laundry room is for students who live in Mount Pleasant Halls, which is by the Mount Pleasant Porter’s Lodge. The main laundry room is for students living in all other buildings. It is located between Richard Laws and the St Edmund's Maisonettes. If you are ever lost, just ask at the Porter’s Lodge!
  • People aren't coming to get their laundry. What do I do?
    The CR has instituted a system with whiteboards in both laundries to address this problem. Please write your crsid in the box for the machine you are using. When you are done, then erase it. If someone isn't coming to get their laundry after it is done, send them an email and wait 15 minutes. If they do not come in 15 minutes or there is no crsid written down, you have the right to take their laundry out and put it in a basket.
  • I am a Muslim student. Which direction is the Qibla?
    The direction for the Qibla in England is South-East-East (120 degrees). You can use a compass app on your phone to find the direction. If you would like to pray with other students, please get in touch with the Islamic Society.
  • I am a Catholic student. When is Sunday mass?
    Every Sunday, Catholic mass is held in the college chapel at 10:30am. Once a term, there is an Anglican mass held in the chapel as well. [COVID-19 NOTE: There may be closure or restrictions based on the current regulaitons.]
  • What student discounts are available in Cambridge?
    Here is a list of discounts available to Cambridge students.
  • Can I visit other colleges?
    As a Cambridge student, you are encouraged to visit as many colleges and departments as possible, and many will welcome you. Some colleges have stricter porters than others, and occasionally will be strict about students entering other college grounds. Most of the time however, it is not a problem. Many Eddie’s students use the shortcut through St John’s College to the town centre. [COVID-19 NOTE: currently, all colleges are closed to visitors.]
  • Can I have visitors at the college?
    Yes, but it is required to inform the Porter’s Lodge when you have guests that stay overnight. You can even get a spare air mattress for £5 from them for your guest! Visitors during the day are welcome. [COVID-19 NOTE: no guests are allowed inside student households currently.]
  • How can I do a BBQ at Eddie's ?
    You must reserve the BBQ via the online portal.
  • Is it "Eddies" or "Eddie's"?"
    Good question. Common mistake, even among those of us who have been here for a while. But our college's name is St Edmund's, that is St Edmund + apostrophe + s. In other words, the College of St Edmund. So when 'Edmund' gets shortened to 'Eddie', he still needs his apostrophe + s, so we know who the college belongs to.
  • What are the current social distancing guidelines in place at Eddie's?
    College changes the social distancing rules regularly based on national and university guidance. Please read emails from the Development Office, as they will summarise changing rules. The full rules are also available on the College's intranet.
  • Another student is not observing proper social distancing. What should I do?
    1) Talk with the student yourself or have a friend talk with the student first. 2) If the improper behaviour continues, contact Reception and explain the situation. 3) As a last resort, if the behaviour still continues to be a problem, the student can be reported to Tutorial and disciplinary action will be initiated.
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