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St Edmund’s College has a number of active sports societies which play recreationally and participate in competitive intercollegiate events. Beginners and experienced players alike are always welcomed and encouraged to take part. For more information about sports at Eddies, see email addresses below

What Sports Can I Play at Eddie's?

Depending on the year, St Edmund's fields college teams for a variety of sports, including rowing, football, rugby, mixed netball, ultimate frisbee, cricket, croquet, badminton, and pool. Kit is also available for casual games on site. Student-run classes of yoga and tabata occur weekly. And we also own three punts, which are usually docked at St John's.

For more information, contact the Sports Officer (

or the CR Secretary (


Sign-ups for college sports clubs will occur during the College Freshers’ Fair during Freshers’ Week.

Email sports officer
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